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Run your Internet as never before and have the whole world on your screen.

We offer an uncomparable troubleshooting for faulty web browsers or any network issues that you may be experiencing. Our Microsoft certified technicians discover root of the problems and nip them in the bud, thereby leaving you with perfect running Internet.

Whether it is Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, or any other web browser, we offer our customers to avail a comprehensive range of support services at incredible price of $111.99 for all your computer problems including browser issue through the Year.

Take a sample walkthrough of services, the i-Cranium tech team has in store for you:


  • Configuration of Internet Explorer & Netscape Browser for Fast Internet Access.
  • Troubleshoot and fix slow, faulty Internet
  • Internet Explorer & Netscape browsing errors
  • Manage internet addon's & cookies
  • Upgrade to latest Browser
  • Re-Install & configure faulty Internet connection

Unlimited Annual Plan $11199

A one time payment provides you unlimited access to i-Cranium's experts for the entire year for all your computer support needs.

At i-Cranium, we focus our efforts to maintain functionality of your precious computer and retaining its efficiency to the best.

Install Internet Browser
Setup & Install

Set-up install and personalize user settings for your computer, operating system, software, internet, email and peripheral...more

PC Optimize

Optimize your PC's speed. Clean-up unwanted files, install critical patches and upgrades, back-up data and configure start-up and browser...more

Computer Troubleshoot
Trouble Shoot

Complete diagnosis of the problem with a comprehensive solution, including repair, updates and optimization for your computer, software and/or peripherals...more

Computer Security

Remove viruses from your computer and protect yourself against aggressive and malicious attacks. Audit security settings, configure anti-virus and anti-spyware; scan computer and quarantine viruses...more

Data Protection
Data Protection

Protect your data with a back-up of your documents, photo's, video's, etc...more

Green PC
Green PC

Configure your PC settings to use less energy over the short and long run. Save energy and save the environment...more

Get a full year of 24/7

Annual unlimited tech support
for just $11199

  • Unlimited 24/7 access all year long
  • Anti-virus & anti-spyware protection
  • Secure data and your online identity
  • Tools to keep your PC running fast
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